Organizations big and small compete on a level playing field on the Internet.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant working with businesses and nonprofits for several years, I am very enthused about the current Inbound Marketing opportunities that the Internet has created.

Organizations big and small compete on a level playing field on the Internet.

Small, nimble organizations can develop and post content to the Internet in a timely manner, while larger organizations must wait for committee or management approval. When the market shifts, the small business has a better chance of seizing the opportunity.

 The Internet can help small businesses and nonprofits provide brand awareness, boost sales, and improve bottom lines.

  • Organizations should start by strategically determining campaign goals and  objectives.
  • The next step is identifying target markets and finally
  • creating a budget, calendar and deliverables to carry out the campaign.

Search engine optimization SEO, blogging and other social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn will make your web site appear for your customers when they use a search engine to find the product or service you provide.

 SEO is accomplished by identifying keywords or  search terms and by writing relevant content for blogs, social media and websites that hinges on those keywords for that specific business. This relevant content can also take the forms of advertorials, blogs, media releases, online brochures, newsletters, white papers, and more.

 If you want to improve your organization’s, brand awareness, boost your sales, and improve your bottom line,  follow these three steps.

  • Get found via inbound marketing. 
  • Once you are found, convert those searchers to customers.
  • Finally, analyze your Internet marketing on a regular basis

The best way to get found is to have a presence on the Internet through publishing  news releases through a free service, by publishing articles (they are also free services for this) and by blogging. In just minutes a day your postings with your industry’s key words can get you noticed. You’ll also learn what consumers think about your industry and how to tailor your product to meet the consumer’s expectations.

 While you are building an Internet presence, you should be optimizing your website and creating landing pages, business reply forms and/or online shopping carts if applicable. You want to make customers out of your visitors.

Internet Marketing Consultants also called Search Engine Marketers can assist you these three steps.       Just remember you want to:

  • get found via inbound marketing
  • covert searchers to customers and
  • regularly analyse your results

There has never been a better time or place for small businesses to profit than on the Internet Today!