Articles from April 2010

More Get Found Locally Tips with GooglePlaces, Yelp and Angie’s List

The Internet runs on the World Wide Web, but for most online shoppers,  the Internet is their local marketplace. This is especially true for searchers looking for services. They don’t want a car insurance agent in France or a plumber in Cleveland, unless of course they want to drive in France and have a clogged sink in […]

Wow Them with Your Fast Pitch

A well-written business plan will help you establish your small business marketing strategy and hopefully open the door to a banker or investor who agrees to a meeting to hear your pitch. Make it fast if you want to get to first base! OK, obviously that analogy doesn’t work… the pitcher and the base runner are on […]

Business Plan Advice for Small Businesses

A good small business plan will raise money, recruit partners, establish your marketing strategy and more. Of course you should work with a business plan writer or you could write it yourself. Either way, Tim Weaver, an SBA lender with decades of experience in Southern California, says that plans created in BusinessPlanPro are typically pretty good. No matter […]

Google Places is a Good Place to Be for Small Businesses on the Internet

When marketing your small business it is wise to consider your Website URL as the primary marketing tool. Hopefully your URL was selected to reflect what key words customers use when searching online for your product or service. Todd Tennant has an informative Website all about local search for small business that provides great practical […]

Given the Rise in Internet Marketing, Where Does Print Fit?

The Internet is now the first stop for consumers researching information about your product or service. So do you still need to print sales sheets, catalogs and brochures? Before you completely abandon traditional print for online publications, consider who you customer is and what age, and other demographics, influence the way they shop. Seniors still […]